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Republicans Create DysfunctionalGovernment and Pathological Donald – by James R (Jim) Martin

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Politics | 0 comments

The notion that Donald Trump some how represents the interests of working and middle class people is ludicrous since he is a billionaire, son of a millionaire. Donald Trump is not a pull your self up from the bootstraps, entrepreneur, businessman billionaire. He's a member of the so-called “One Percent” of super rich billionaires. But he represents himself as an outsider, entrepreneur because he knows Americans like self-made people. It appears that Donald scores high on "the psychopath test" as it is profiled in a book by Jon Ronson entitled “The Psychopath Test-A Journey through the Madness Industry.” © 2011. While it may be that many top executives and CEO’s would also score high on this test, the question remains, do we want someone who seems to mirror most of these attributes to be President of the United States? Here is the famous twenty-point Hare PCL-R Psychopath Checklist as reported in the book (pg. 97) How many appear to fit "The Donald?" Seems like he would get an A+ in a huge way.

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May Magnolia

Posted by on May 8, 2016 in Arts, Observations, Poetry | 0 comments

Photography and Haiku.

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The Stranger In The Room

Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Contemplation, Life, Observations | 0 comments

A living in the present moment. Insight Meditation and the resulting Mindfulness facilitate mind and body living in the present moment, bare attention, non-judgmentally aware of what is being experienced now not thinking about past or future events and conversations.

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Three Photographs and Haiku Poems

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Arts, Contemplation, Observations, Photography, Poetry | 0 comments

Afternoon gray clouds crowding patches April blue sky Trees wave green greetings

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Cutie And The Boxer – Review by Jim Martin

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Film, News, Relationships | 0 comments

Cutie And The Boxer is about relationships and other things like how the choices we make shape our lives. It’s also about a talented female artist loosing herself in the role of wife and supporter, resenting it and in the end finding herself again. It’s about the daily struggle of artists to survive in a world of shows and trying to sell their work. It is a human story that really doesn’t moralize about issues. The documentary observes and explores. It introduces the viewer to the lives of real people with all the frailties humans have.

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Selected Readings on Mindfulness and Meditation

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in Contemplation, Life, Observations, Reading | 0 comments

These are a few, of the many excellent titles available that we have found informative and well written on the topic of Buddhism, Mindfulness and related subjects. This includes both nonfiction and fiction titles. If you have a favorite book on these subjects that you would like to recommend please leave the name of the book, details and why any thoughts about the title as a comment and it will become part of the list. If you have read any of the books on the list and wish to comment that is also appreciated.

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Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums — Review by Jim Martin

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Contemplation, News, Poetry, Reading | 2 comments

The Dharma Bums is a cultural walk-about America in the late 1950’s with the spread of suburbia, a growing middle class with an increasing addiction to television and sameness. It also includes vivid and beautiful representations of natural phenomenon from the desert to the high mountains. The characters that Ray Smith, the narrator of the story, meets in his travels range from intellectuals, artists, poets and beatnik friends, to hobos he meets as he hops fast freight trains up the California Coast or thumbs rides with truck drivers and others while he travels across the country a couple of times. He carries his home on his back and to some extent depends on the good will of those he meets on his path. He meditates in the desert, mountain meadows and the woods. He exchanges what he has learned with his fellow Dharma Bums and gains insight from them and his travels. At times Ray Smith and his Dharma buddies seem like modern-day bhikkhu (monks), each on the path of enlightenment in their own way. “…Pray tell us, good buddy, and don’t make it muddy, who played this trick, on Harry and Dick, and why is so mean this Eternal Scene, just what’s the point, of this whole joint? I thought maybe I could find out at last from these Dharma Bums.” -- Jack Kerouac -- The Dharma Bums.

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